We begin by giving you a hand-drawn design of exactly what you want your driveway to look like, tailored to your exact specifications. Just about every aspect of it can be changed to your preference, from the pattern and type of the blocks being laid, to the colour of the sand we fill the block joints with. We'll also provide you with a written quotation explaining to you exactly what we will be doing.


When the designs are finished and the quotation is accepted then the real work can begin. We start by digging out the existing ground to a depth of between 250mm and 300mm. We then set up site levels to check for adequate falls and to make sure DPC is not breached, whilst complying with all building regulations.


We then spread a minimum of 150mm of Type 1 Road Stone and at our discretion, a Terram Membrane, if we think it is needed. The stone is compacted using a Industrial Vibrating Plate (Whacker Plate) this ensures the stone won't move or dip. We ensure our drives and gardens are always adequately dug out, stoned up and leveled correctly, to give you peace of mind for years to come.


Once the stone has been leveled and compacted the next stage is to add a 50mm layer of Washed Grit on top. This is what the blocks will be laid on. The grit will be raked out, leveled, compacted then screeded before laying of blocks can begin.


We're now ready to lay your chosen blocks! We lay the main central area of the driveway first before adding the borders. Then if you do change your mind half way through and decide to have a smaller or larger flowerbed for example, it's quicker and easyer for us to change it. When the blocks need cutting to follow a pattern through, we don’t use block splitters, we only use precision Diamond Disc cutting equipment to give a clean cut finish!


By using the Diamond Disc Cutting equipment we can ensure that the borders of your driveway are neat and precise.


All cutting is hand marked on each individual block to ensure that the end product is perfect!


When the driveway has been completely cut in then it's nearly complete. For the finishing touch we brush a layer of fine Kiln Dried Sand into the block joints, to ensure the blocks don't move. Once that is complete your driveway will be ready to drive on! For the finishing touch we recommend sealing your driveway with our colour enhancing, protective sealant.


From Start to Finish

Here we'd like to show you the lengths that we go to, to make sure your driveway is perfect from start to finish.