We at Mannmade specialise in block paving and will work with you to create the perfect driveway to suit your needs.

So what can you expect from us? Firstly, everything we do will be provided in writing, from the depth of the dig to the size of the blocks. That way we all know what is expected.

The most important part of your new drive is the part you can’t see, the base. It’s the part that holds everything together and when done properly will give you many years of good use. Here’s a few specifics on how we work:

• We dig out the existing ground to a depth of between 250-300mm
• Levels are set up and checked for adequate falls and to make sure dpc is not breached according to building regulations
• We then compact a sub-base of a minimum of 150mm of type 1 road stone. If we feel your sub-base needs a Terram Membrane, this will be added
• Next we screed approximately 50mm of washed grit
• Then we’re ready to lay your chosen blocks! When the blocks need cutting to follow a pattern through, we don’t use block splitters, we only use precision diamond disc cutting equipment to give a clean cut finish
• Finally we recommend sealing your paving with our colour enhancing, protective sealant.

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Planning Permission

If you are unsure about planning permission for your drive please see the helpful page in the Customer Support section. 

Want to know how to look after your paving once its laid? Again you will find this in the Customer Support Section.