Lawn Care

Watering: Newly laid turfs must be watered within half an hour of installation, preferably using a sprinkler. Give the turf a really good and even soaking. Check that the water has passed through the turf and at least 25mm into the soil below.This watering must be repeated until the turf has established. Weather conditions will dictate the frequency of watering required. Ensure that your new lawn has enough moisture to survive hot, dry or windy weather. If laid during a hot period, watering may be required three times each day, otherwise once or twice a day should be sufficient. If there are any signs of the turf drying out i.e. shrinkage, browning, grey/blue tinge then water immediately. Water from boards, DO NOT walk across the wet, newly turfed area.  

Mowing: Do not mow your new lawn until it has rooted. This can be easily checked by lifting up a corner of turf to see if roots have anchored to the soil beneath. Your lawn mower should be set to the highest setting, it is important that the lawn is not scalped in early mowings or cut if too wet. Mow you new lawn often, each time removing no more than one third of the grass height. Once established the grass height can be reduced gradually to your ideal level. Optimum heights between 15-35mm. Alternate the direction of cut, especially if using a wheeled mower. A cylinder mower is preferable for cutting fine (J3) lawns and clippings must be removed. 

Lawn Feeding: Feeding in the first 4-6 weeks is not necessary if pre-turfing fertiliser has been applied. When established feed your lawn once in April, again in mid Summer then finally in September/October each year.  In Spring and Summer use High Nitrogen content Fertiliser. In Autumn use Low Nitrogen, High Potassium and Phosphate Fertiliser. Always read the instructions. 

Artificial Grass

Would you rather spend your weekends relaxing instead of cutting and maintaining your lawn? Take a look at the section on Artificial Grass linked to the garden page. You may be surprised at how different the old 'Astro turf' is now. 

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