Block Paving Care

No matter how much you have paid out on expensive top of the range materials for your driveway you will still need some basic maintenance to keep you’re paving looking good. The easiest and cheapest way is to regularly wash it down with soapy water and a stiff broom. You can use washing up liquid or (acid-free) soap based floor cleaner. Pressure washers are good but must only be used on a fine spray setting or you could dislodge the sand joints. We at ‘Mannmade’ feel very strongly about using a good Sealant on the paving. The Sealant we use enhances the colours and also gives you a much better chance of cleaning off the odd car oil spillage if you are unlucky enough to get one.  


Clean & Seal Service

Why not ask us to clean, re-sand and Seal your old Drive or Patio? You will be surprised at the wonderful results. Your old paving will look like new again.