Do you need Planning Permission for your new Driveway?

From October 2008 a new regulation was brought into force by the Local Council. It stated that Planning Permission may be required for non permeable paving being laid to an area between the front of your property and the pavement if the area is over 5 square metres. The reasoning behind this is to prevent excess water unnecessarily overfilling storm drains and eventually rivers at times of heavy rain fall. 

This rule also applies even if extending or replacing an existing non permeable area, however, if you have in place sufficient Storm Drain/Soakaway systems to stop water flowing on to roads, or your falls are running away from the road and into adequate porous areas such as shingle or flowerbeds, then you do NOT need to apply for planning permission. 

In most cases gardens and drives can easily be designed to overcome the need for planning permission using Aco Channels and Eco Soakaway Crates. 

If planning is sort, please be aware that it will cost you £150 and you will need fill in the application form,as well as supply a scaled drawing. Permission can then take up to 8 weeks.  The council will most likely promote the use of permeable surfaces for your installation (i.e. permeable paving/permeable tarmac) as well as Storm Drains or Soakaways. 

The cost of permeable paving could increase the cost of your paving by approximately 35% subject to ground conditions. Please be assured that we will look at all drainage options to satisfy both yourself and the Council so that Planning permission is NOT needed. 

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